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This is the story of a Company capable of projecting and drawing a future rich in innovation and competence.

Associates Stefano Galatà and Michele Turrini joined their excellence vision funding SGR snc. in 1999.

Today SGR, Company specialised in Asphalt- Demolition- Ground Movement- Construction Industry and Chipping, is proud of the partnership and excluisivity with the industry's most prestigious brands. Thanks to an authentic effort from all Staff members, SGR complies to its clients garanteeing immediate and innovative solutions.

The whole organization works with enthusiasm, instilling integrity, reliability, and initiative. Values that tells the philosophy of a cohesive and solid STAFF.

"SGR- The Future within us"


Meet our Staff

Stefano Galatà

Stefano Galatà


He remembers every client's phone number by heart, together with their story. He succeeds this thanks to his genuineness wich makes him an ideal Partner for businesses where profit is guaranteed.

An Explorer of new frontiers like Marco Polo and an Adventurer like Ulysses. Always looking for inspiration and new challenges, he is SGR's innovative soul.

Michele Turrini

Michele Turrini


Businessman since his birth, he managed to build his company vision on values like thrust, honesty and excellence. Thanks to this very values he keep on operating. From Verona in DNA, but Sicilian in spirit, he is our bridge betweeen Innovation and Tradition.

Valentina Maugeri

Valentina Maugeri

Administration Supervisor

Nicknamed "The Sniper". No invoice escapes when she is close. With a lively and dynamic intellect, she succeds to perfectly combine accounting skills with a strong initiative awareness and commercial flair.

Teresa Cutrona

Teresa Cutrona

Marketing Supervisor

An explosive volcano of ideas. She begins every day saying "I have a good idea" and in no time she has already planned all. A little GEEK with a revolutionary and pioneering spirit.

Piero Orofino

Piero Orofino

Sales Supervisor

Forty years of experience in sales. His smile and competence define him. A real advisor for our clients, who see in him an experts of the machines and a caring friend. Free and without rules, he wins thanks to his optimism that makes him a pure hunter of ideas.


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